Amazing Selling Machine

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Here is what’s included in ASMX

Eight-Module Web Class

  • Over 120 lessons walking you through building your business from scratch
  • FREE upgrades to every new version of the core ASM web class

Online Group Coaching Calls

  • New coaching call each week of the eight-week program
  • Live Q&A, hosted by Mike McClary & Rich Henderson

ASM Mentor Program

  • Experienced Amazon Sellers who love to help
  • Assistance, motivation and answers from the ASM Community, day and night
  • Recent survey of mentors shows that they average $1.8 million in sales on Amazon. You can trust that they know this business

The Private Resource Vault

  • Exclusive collection of resources you can use to build your business
  • Contact information of top providers
  • Exclusive discounts and extended trial periods

ASM Alliance Platinum Access

  • Lifetime Access
  • Mentor and member support

BRAND NEW TO THE ASM PROGRAM -> The Automation Tool Suite

  • Tool 1 – The Manage by Stats Toolset
    • 12 months of FREE access that includes a variety of tools such as:
      • Email automation for sending customized emails to all of your Amazon customers to increase product reviews and provide stellar customer service
      • Detailed traffic and conversion stats for all of your products
      • Sales and profit tracking for your entire business
      • Keyword tracking to see where you rank among your competition
      • Inventory tracking and alerts that helps ensure you take timely action on keeping your products in stock.
  • Tool 2 – The Brand Launchpad and Continual Sales System
    • We have developed our own platform to not only help you launch your products and get immediate sales, but to also provide continual and profitable traffic once your products are up and selling
    • You get FREE access to this for 6 months as a member of ASM
  • Tool 3 – The ASM Business Dashboard
    • In conjunction with Manage by Stats, we have also built an integrated dashboard right into your ASM membership so that you can get all of your vital business stats in one place
  • Tool 4 – The Ultimate Product & Keyword Research Toolset
    • We’ve worked out a an exclusive deal with THE best product and keyword tool set available to help you grow your business faster, easier, and more reliably than ever.
    • Your 90 days of FREE access will enable you to:
      • Quickly identify which products out of the 500 million on Amazon match our exclusive ASM criteria.
      • Validate exactly how much your competition is selling each and every day in order to validate which products are the best opportunities.
      • Determine how to make your product better than your competition by seeing exactly what other customers do and don’t like about them
      • Know exactly which keywords are the right ones to target when creating your product listing and planning out your product launch
      • Optimize your product listings to make sure that they both convert and rank as well as they possibly can
      • Determine exactly which keywords your competition is bidding on so you can find low hanging fruit for easy sales opportunities
      • Plus more!

The following bonuses are included with ASMX to better help students get the best results as they start and grow their physical products brand leveraging the power of Amazon.

➔ Expert Listing Evaluation – Students get their first listing evaluated by one of our experts making sure that it is optimized for ranking and conversions.

➔ 6 month buy back guarantee – Students have six months to complete and implement ASMX, and if they are not satisfied with their results, we will buy back ASMX from them! They just need to complete the milestones within the 6 month period and we’ll refund them 100% of their money back!

➔ Two Private One-on-One Coaching Calls

➔ $500 inventory reimbursement bonus