How to become a Vlogger

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People love to see and experience places, know what they look like, hear the sounds of a place, and watch people interact.

It’s why the Travel Channel is so successful – and it is why online travel videos are some of the most popular on YouTube.

We are visual creatures and video gives us a special connection to what and who we are watching. It’s engaging and exciting.

Video makes everything seem more real and alive.

Nowhere is this more apparent than travel.

If you’ve been thinking about getting into the travel video world, NOW is the time to kickstart your career making travel videos.

Today, platforms such as YouTube have allowed creatives to thrive and make a living from their art. In fact, there are online video creators making millions and replacing the faces of television and film in some of the largest brand campaigns.

Two of the biggest travel YouTubers in the world, Nadine Sykora (from Hey Nadine) and Kristen Sarah (from Hopscotch the Globe), are here to teach you an in-depth course on how to make videos and succeed at YouTube.

In this self-paced course, Kristin and Nadine pull back the curtain and through video instruction, step-by-step guides, photo and video examples, and at-home exercises.

This 6-week program will help you:

  • Start your vlog
  • Master the technical skills you need
  • Create a lasting brand
  • Learn to edit like a pro
  • Optimize your website and rank high in YouTube
  • Crush it on social media
  • Get press coverage
  • And make money to support yourself!