List Building for Bloggers

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Proven Email Strategies that Build your Audience, Increase Engagement and Grow your Income


Come on In, the Water’s Fine

Step by step, page by page, you’ll find ideas that will quickly make a difference and tasks that you can easily achieve. From suggestions about subscription forms to discussions about the risks and rewards of incentives, you’ll find it easy to make better use of what you’ve built already – and the ability to rethink what’s possible in the future.

You see, unlike other email marketing books, List Building for Bloggers isn’t targeted at the corporate sector, nor at professional marketers, nor is it for IT geeks looking for a manual.

Instead, List Building for Bloggers is written in plain English. It is full of actionable, proven tips and techniques you can easily put in place, step by step, on your blog. Each one makes your email list better. Together, they make your blog outstanding.


What makes List Building for Bloggers Different?

It’s practical. It’s for bloggers by a blogger. It’s for you. And it includes:

  • Over 45,000 words
  • 24 chapters
  • 167 pages
  • Three case studies
  • Five key steps to grow your blog’s mailing list
  • Nine essential inbox-busting, spam trap trumping, anti-complaint tips
  • Seven top landing page tips
  • Exactly one mention of the mating habits of the South American ping pong ball

Isn’t Email Dead in the Age of Social Media?

Not at all! Email subscribers are the most committed you have – look at what they have to do to sign up! Dual opt-in. Squiggly puzzles to prove they’re human. There’s nothing casual about it.

True, many people follow hundreds of “friends” on Facebook, Twitter accounts. Yet all those teeny-weeny, unbranded, untracked, undifferentiated, easy to miss messages simply fly by.

So, compare and contrast. Your email to a subscriber is in their inbox, by invitation. Fully branded. Content rich. Tracked. Customized. Personalized. A Tweet? A Like? Not so much.

They’ve committed to you. Why not return the favor? List Building for Bloggers makes it easy as well as worthwhile.